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Leeds Solar are experienced designers, specifiers and installers of solar PV & solar water heating systems for clients in the full range of commmercial, community and public sectors.


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A selection of our previous commercial solar PV installations are given as examples below.


Commercial / Industrial solar PV installation examples


Capacity  47 kWp Grimsby web 3 Grimsby web
Predicted Output  37,300 kWh / year
Panel type  Upsolar
Inverter  Sunny Tripower
Roof Type  Trapezoidal metal
Location  Grimsby

A 47kWp solar pv system installed on the east and west roof faces of Grimsby Freeman Street Market using Upsolar panels and Sunny Tripower inverters 

The system was installed in 2 stages in November 2011 and February 2012, with the majority of the energy produced being consumed within the market.



Capacity 29.85 kWp Derby web derby2 web
Predicted Output 26500 kWh / year
Panel Type HJ solar poly-crystalline
Inverter 2 x SMA Tripower
Roof type  Trapezoidal metal
 Location Derby 

30 KWp 3 phase installation on a light manufacturing building across multiple roof faces, installed in July 2012.

After careful analysis of the roof pitch & orientation, the inverters chosen were 2 x 12kW AC output inverters, which maximises the efficiency of the system throughout the year, and monitoring indicates only very rarely restricts the output from the system.




Capacity 9.75 kWp 9.75 kWp system using Schott panels, Headingley      


Predicted Output 7454 kWh / year
Panel Type Schott
Inverter SMA Sunny Tripower 10,00TL
Roof type  artificial slate
Location  Headingley 
9.75 kWp solar pv system installed in Novermber 2011 on the roof of the Voodoo Cafe in Headingley, Leeds. Careful design was needed to mitigate shading issues.


Farm solar PV installation examples



Capacity  9.8 kWp farm-web2
Predicted Output  8095 kWh / year
Panel type Yingli poly-crystalline
Inverter  Aurora Power-One
Roof Type  Fibre board
Location  Denby DAle
9.8kWp array installed in February 2013 on the roof of a large cow shed on a farm in Denby Dale, South Yorkshire.





5 kWp xl solar system, 5 kWp system limited to 3.68 kWp output via Sunnyboy 4000TL inverter 20 x Hyundai black framed 250 Wp panels, Swillington, West Yorkshire hyundai250 3.68kW swillington

Predicted Output

 4310 kWh / year

Panel type



 SMA 4000TL

Roof Type

 Concrete tile


Swillington, Leeds

Oversized single phase solar PV system using 5kWp of panels limited to 16 amp output at the inverter. Installed September 2011 in Swillington, West Yorkshire.


Community / Church / Sports Club solar examples


Capacity 5.5 kWp 22 x Hyundai panels Robin Hood Football Ground, Rothwell Robin Hood Football Ground, 22 x Hyundai Panels
Predicted Output  4010 kWh / year
Panel type  Hyundai
Inverter  SMA 4000TL
Roof Type  Metal / tile
Location  Rothwell, Leeds

A 5.5 kWp east / west split system installed on the stand and changing rooms at Robin Hood Football Ground in Rothwell in February 2012.

The system is installed under standard G83 conditions as it is limited to 3.68kW AC output, although our monitoring shows that the system is perfectly sized as it never quite hits the 3.68kW AC output level anyway due to the split roof.

This was financed by Green Goal Energy



Capacity  12.72 kWp Yingli HC roof 1 web yingli HC roof 2 web
Predicted Output  9480 kWh / year
Panel type  Yingli 265 Wp
Inverter  Aurora Power-One
Roof Type  trapezoidal metal
Location  Inverness

Installed in August 2012 this system comprised 2 high efficiency solar PV arrays on south east and south west facing roofs of Hilton Parish Church, installed as part of an energy saving eco renovations programme at the church.

The system is restricted to 11kW AC output & installed under standard G83 regulations.




Capacity  5 kWp Hilton Church Hyundai web Hyundai panels Inverness 
Predicted Output  3703 kWh / year
Panel type  Hyundai
Inverter  SMA 4000TL
Roof Type  concrete tile
Location  Inverness

Installed in March 2012, this 5 kWp Solar PV system is limited to 3.68 kWp using Hyundai 250 WP panels on Hilton Church Lighthouse Cafe, Inverness.  

Virtually all the energy generated is consumed by the cafe during opening hours.





3.92 kWp St Chads Hyundai Headingley

Predicted Output

3290 kWh / year

Panel type

Hyundai 245 Wp


Aurora Power-One

Roof Type

 Concrete tile


Headingley, Leeds

Installed in May 2012 the all black panels were chosen due to the roof#s prominant location on the drive up to the grade 1 listed St Chads Church.




3.76 kWp 16 x REC 235 Wp black framed solar panels, 3.76 kWp solar PV installation on the Quaker Meeting House in Woodhouse, Leeds

Predicted Output

3269 kWh / year

Panel type

REC 235 Wp


SMA Sunnyboy

Roof Type

Artificial slate


Woodhouse, Leeds

Installed in August 2011 on the Quaker meeting house opposite Leeds University, with black framed panels chosen to minimise the visual impact against the black slates.

Independent analysis of the system's performance by a Leeds University student indicated that this system has led to a 50% reduction in energy bills within the building.





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