38% of home buyers want solar panels on their new home

black-black Jetion 250Wp panelsSolar panels are now seen as the most desirable extra / non-essential aspect of a property when house buyers are choosing which house to buy.

38% of those surveyed gave solar panels as the top extra item they'd like their new house to have, according to the new survey commissioned by IMG Direct.

The research clearly shows the popularity of solar installations among house buyers who recognise the long term energy savings, and financial income that a solar installation guarantees for them and their families, as well as the positive environmental impact.


The most desirable extras in order of preference are:-

    1. Solar panels
    2. Weekly bin collections
    3. Satellite TV connection
    4. Greenhouse
    5. Walk-in wardrobe
    6. Good 3G signal
    7. Giant bathtub
    8. Outdoor power supply
    9. Pantry or larder
    10. Garden pond

In similar surveys in the 80's double glazing regularly topped the list of most popular extras, and is now virtually seen as an essential for home buyers, with prices significantly reduced for houses that don't have it.

It's likely that solar PV will follow the same trajectory, moving from todays most popular extra to tomorrows essential item, meaning that an investment in a solar PV system should be seens as a sound long term investment as its value can be recouped at the point of sale if the owner needs to move house.


The importance of good design and aesthetics

We would caution that the increased value is likely to be as dependent upon the aesthetics of the solar installation as it is on its energy output, so as we always have done, Leeds Solar continue to recommend a focus on good design, and improving the visual impact of the systems we install for our customers.

One way to achieve this is by using either black framed or full black panels to give the systems a more subtle look and feel than the silver framed panels, as well as avoiding the practice of dotting panels all over the roof just to try to squeeze as many panels on as possible.


Improve the prospects of selling your house at its full value with a solar PV installation from Leeds Solar

The message from this survey seems loud an clear, if you want your house to stand out and attract the best price when it comes to selling it, then installing a good looking solar PV system should be a high priority for you.

With prices now starting at just £6,495 all inclusive for a great looking full 4 kWp Black-Black solar PV system from Leeds Solar, whether you're struggling to sell your house and looking to give yourself an edge in the market, or plan to own your house for the forseeable future and get the benefits directly yourself, but were concerned about it's potential impact when you did come to sell... the answer is now hopefully obvious. 

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